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During the UAV surveying planning phase, parameters, such as altitude, airspeed, overlap and distance between the trigger position, defined to achieved desired requirements.


During the UAV flight, data acquisition are completely automatic. Geo-referenced photogrammetry are collected throughout the flight.


Data processing takes place immediately post-flight. Our attention to detail and advanced software means that precise results are delivered every time.

Tell us where you want to fly, we’ll do the rest

M.A.S-Services provides its industrial customers around the world with aerial observation services, while ensuring safe operations and the delivery of high-quality data, reliable, customized data to enable its customers to make sound business decisions. Through a single point of contact, the entire service provided is seamless for the end-user, from data acquisition to business analysis. Customers are billed on a « pay-what-you-get » basis.

In order to do this, M.A.S-Services relies on:
• A global network of UAV operators, trained and certified by M.A.S as having the proper expertise to perform safe UAV operations and ensure data quality;
• Professional photogrammetrists who will process all collected data and perform quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC);
• A global network of professional experts in specific economic sectors (agriculture, civil engineering, power and utilities, mines and quarries, etc.), capable of analyzing collected aerial data to solve the end-user’s day-to-day problems.

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