Flight Training for Commercial Operators

If you or you company are using a drone for commercial purposes, this program has been designed specifically for you. Passing the Part 107 exam does not fully prepare you for flight operations. I’ve designed a 1-day course to get you and your pilots up to speed in the most recent regulations and build their skills with hands on experience.

Lesson 1: Ground School

We will review FAA regulations and part 107 including:

• Airspace classes
• Best practices in applying for waivers (airspace, nighttime)
• Mission planning
• Weather minimums
• The most common causes of crashes

Lesson 2: Flight Simulator

The first few hours of sUAS operation are the highest risk due to inexperience. This session will build your pilot’s skills and confidence on a flight simulator and get them through this high-risk period. The following skills will be developed:

• Proper takeoff and landing procedures
• Orientation techniques; first person view vs. line of sight
• Obstacle avoidance
• Object tracking
• Mixing inputs, multi-tasking

Lesson 3: Flight Training

The student will develop their skills and pilot the sUAS in an outdoor environment under the direct supervision of the flight instructor. The student will master a series of flight maneuvers and learn how to apply the classroom training through scenarios. This training will involve the Pilot in Command (PIC) and an Observer.

If the client uses a dual remote system, the PIC can work in tandem with an observer. A third person can take on the role of the observer.

• Mission planning
• Pre-flight safety briefing
• Pre-flight inspection
• Flight logs
• Safe takeoff and landing techniques
• Obstacle avoidance
• Power management
• Navigation
• Scenario based training
• Communication between PIC, Observer and Ground Crews
• Using advanced flight modes (waypoints, point of interest, object tracking)

Lesson 4: Responding to Malfunctions

Experienced drone pilots understand that its not a question if you will experience a malfunction, its when. This lesson will teach pilots the causes of the most common malfunctions and how to recover from them. The instructor will induce malfunctions in a controlled environment and will guide the pilot in safely recovering from them.

• GPS compass failure and recovery
• Remote controller disconnect
• Loss of video
• Return to home feature and presets
• Emergency motor stop procedures

Course Details:

The training will include access to an Inspire 1, Mavic Pro and a Spark.

Session length: 1 week every day 6 hours
Number of pilots: 4
Training location: Classroom; client’s place of business. A location for the flight training will be selected in the greater Green Bay area.
Training date: To be determined upon mutual agreement with the client and Titletown Drones LLC. Scheduling of flight training is subject to weather.

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